Bulk SMS Software by SendGroupSMS.com is programmed with new Advanced Features

DRPU Bulk bulk sms Software is widely used by our worldwide users to send group messages to a particular number or a list of contact numbers in minimum time. To enhance the experience of users we added some advanced features in the software which makes it superior. DRPU Bulk SMS Software Professional Edition is able to send multiple messages to unlimited mobile phone users via.

PC connected by phone of any company and this is compatible with all national or international network service provider companies. This software Provides facility to load contact numbers from word or excel sheets saved in your PC and mobile phone. Group SMS sending application does not require any internet connection to broadcast bulk SMS to worldwide location.

Today there are many applications that facilitate you to transmit multiple text messages to unlimited mobile users. DRPU Bulk SMS Software is able to load contact numbers saved in excel or text file formats from your PC or phone easily and facilitates users to broadcast multiple text messages from PC connected to mobile phone without requiring any internet connection.

Now days you receive promotional messages from many companies on your mobile phones. Did you ever thought how they send those SMS to your number? The answer is bulk SMS programs. These programs are widely used by all companies for sending business promotional messages, notifications, and information. And not only corporate but other institutions like schools, colleges,

Multiple text messaging utility is also used by personal level for chatting with your friends or customers as you can send SMS to a particular user or group of selected contact numbers. Usage of DRPU group SMS program will defiantly give you best results in your company promotion, communication with your customers, sending notifications etc. Don’t be left behind in the time of technological revolution in communication, be upgraded for broadcasting your stuffs to the more audience.

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