Choosing the Right Replacement Windows

o increase it’s R-value, window 11 iso download manufactures offer a foam filled option which increases the windows R-Value. Dense foam is inserted into the hollow chambers during the assembly of your new vinyl home windows. Low”E” glass has become very popular in recent years. The “E” stands for emissive. This coating is either spayed or roller applied to the inside of the outside piece of glass. This coating contains small metal fragments that reflect the suns ultraviolet rays away from the inside or your home. Low “E” glass is extremely effective for eliminating the fading of sun bleached furniture, wood floors and carpets.

Argon / Krypton Gas – these inert gases installed in-between a double or triple IG unit act as an invisible wall. Just like the foam filled frames, these gases increase the R-Value of the window. One thing to keep in mind though. These gases can only be installed if the Low”E” glass is used. The direct sun ultraviolet rays deteriorate the gases effectiveness.

Hardware – Always ask to see a window sample. Check out the hardware on the sample to see if it feels flimsy. Many manufactures are getting away from the old metal hardware, replacing with cheaper cast or even plastic hardware. If the hardware does appear flimsy, see if they can upgrade the hardware for you.

Screens – The one reason we buy windows is so that we can open them to get fresh air. Unfortunately, many homeowners overlook the screen. If you have cats that are not declawed, you may what to insist on metal instead of fiberglass screening. Also, some window styles such as double hungs and sliders come standard with 1/2 screens. Full screens should be an option if you want to open the top window and not the bottom. Most 1/2 screens are not designed to work in reverse.

Glass – Standard window glass is 1/8″ thick, double strength glass is 1/4″, extra strong glass is 1/4 ” tempered glass. When choosing a house window ask about the glass. Today some major window manufactures provide windows with glass that cannot be replaced. Instead the entire sash needs to be replaced.

Research Your Windows – Once you get through all the items above, you’ll need to do some research on the window you choose. First do a search on the manufacture and / or window model. Periodically homeowners post issues they have had with their home windows. You would be surprised on what you find. Next check the performance ratings for your prospective window(s) on the National Fenestration Rating Council® database. The web address is On their website you can research manufactures and / or window models.

There are two items you should compare.

First is the U-Factor – this represents the insulating factor of the window, the lower the U-Factor the better Second is the SHGC number – the lower the number the better the window. When comparing YOU MUST MAKE SURE THAT YOU USE THE CORRECT MODEL. Manufactures submit one unit for each product. Meaning they will submit one Double Hung window with out any options.

Then another with just Low “E” and yet another with Low”E” & Argon Gas and so on. Each being individually tested with the results listed for you to use and compare. When comparing properly you must compare windows with equal properties. Double Hung to Double Hung – Double Hung with Low'”E” Glass & Argon to Double Hung with Low'”E” Glass & Argon and so on…

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