Crewed Yacht Charter in the Society Islands, South Pacific

Family Island Hack, in the South Pacific, are a dream destination for cruising. Charter in this area and you will feel like you have arrived at the center of Polynesian culture; for it is true: everyone does wear a flower behind their ear, dugout canoes with outriggers are often seen, a long wrap of stenciled fabric is acceptable wear for both men and women, and singing and playing the ukulele is a daily pastime. Top that with the fresh fish salad made with coconut milk called Poisson Cru, and you will feel you have arrived in the heart of heaven.

Bora Bora, Raiatea, Tahaa, and Huahine are part of the Windward Society Islands. To reach this area, fly into Papeete, Tahiti. From Papeete, there are constant domestic air flights throughout the area, to begin your idyllic crewed yacht charter. Cruising is between lovely atolls, with peaked volcanic land masses piercing through the clouds, surrounded by crystal clear water in lagoons filled with coral and marine life.

Bora Bora

Mystical, mythical Bora Bora is renowned for its spectacular scenery, romance and a brilliant blue lagoon and reef that James Michener hailed the most beautiful in the world. The island is an extinct volcano that formed two towering black peaks of land. Many visitors are drawn to the central lagoon, famed as a great dive site with a variety of sharks, rays, and tropical fish.

Those seeking expansive beaches will be thrilled as while there are relatively few beaches on the main island; there are miles of sandy cays along the reef line, with secluded beach areas, home only to sand crabs and palm trees that are ideal for a picnic and shelling in complete privacy. However, it is the stunning lagoon, a treasured feature that draws visitors to swim, snorkel, dive, and windsurf. Surrounding the island with shallow waters, that warm easily in the sun, this lagoon area is filled with coral and marine life.

Other activities include a visit to Tiki Village, where tourists can see traditional life in an authentically recreated village. Visitors will see the making of the crowns of flowers called lei as well as tattooing, carving and paraeo painting. The village also showcases a spectacular Polynesian dance and an island feast. For a once in a lifetime thrill, view shark feeding close up on the outer reef. Using a snorkel and flippers visitors enter the water while Tahitian divers hand feed black-tip sharks. Helicopter sightseeing tours are available to view the multi hued lagoon and lushly forested interior, and this is a wonderful opportunity to closely look at Mount Otemanu.

Visit the Bora Bora Lagoonarium where you will be given a mask and fins to swim in shallow waters alongside a wide variety of tropical fish, rays and sand sharks. Trained guides are there to help with any questions and bread is available to feed the hungry underwater life that will swim right to your side for a meal.

On shore are various resorts offering cocktails or meals and numerous spas for a relaxing treatment using local herbs and spices. In fact Bora Bora probably has more resorts, all in a wide price range, than any other island. Many have an area of shops, which are also found along the roadside, a large number of which feature Black Pearls.

The famous restaurant Bloody Mary’s is located along the shore road, to dine sitting on coconut stumps set on a sand floor. Bloody Mary’s always features the local fresh caught “fish of the day”, and of course, their signature drink, The Bloody Mary.

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