Cutting Edge Card Counting Secrets Critical Overview

Who doesn’t need Practice Counting Cards? What if you could live the “21 life” forever? No, not BE 21 forever; but master the game of Blackjack so that you could almost always win? Blackjack is one of the most ทางเข้าสล็อต, fast-paced games of chance in the world, and to be able to win at it so often that you could actually make Vegas Card Counting your profession which would be a dream career for many.

Well, Jim Miller did establish his career from Card Counting in Blackjack. Miller spent years researching Blackjack winning methods and, finally confident that he could be a winner, he started go going to Las Vegas from Los Angeles to try his luck. In his very first year, his profits were $78,000, and he was soon being comped weekly round trip flights from Los Angeles to Vegas, lavish casino hotel rooms, and extravagant food and drinks.

But, the next year, Miller was so good at Card Counting Strategy he soon got caught, and was pulled off the table by security while playing, and winning, at Blackjack at a famous casino in Vegas. Rather than being taken to a table full of “high rollers”, he was taken to his hotel room and politely asked by security if he was cheating.

He simply told them the truth: “no”. One of the security officers left and soon returned with another man. This man told Miller that he already knew he was Counting Cards (which is not illegal, by the way), but his concern was that Miller might be working with a Card Counting Team. Of course, Miller told him he wasn’t–since he wasn’t. The chief security guard then offered Miller a job with the casino–which Miller took.

From that time on, Miller was comped his Blackjack Bankroll and even permitted to keep 10% of his winnings (this also allowed him to blend in with the crowd) in addition to his good salary. But most rewarding for him was the ability to get paid to scour the casino floor for card counters who might be working with teams, and out and out cheats. He simply looked for people playing Blackjack the way he did.

And now, Miller has created Cutting Edge Card Counting Secrets software to teach others the Black Jack Card Counting methods of the masters. Cutting Edge Card Counting Secrets comes with a full package including a tutorial video, practice videos, and an e-book.

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