Education-friends to all and enemy to none

Education is very significant for every human in the A Course In Miracles. People do not know the real meaning of education. It does not only give us money and intellect,Education-friends to all and enemy to none Articles but it also provides us a better life style of living along with all the necessities of life, which are very hard to get in this 21st century. Education is like a friend to every student that would always advise him to do right things.

Education helps the student to get his dream job; many students have become entrepreneurs and are running their small business. Some are providing the online thesis writing services in many fields. For instance, they are giving nursing thesis help and commerce assignment help, and are working with many other writing professionals, who belong to different educational backgrounds. Education, on the other hand, is giving numerous opportunities to the students in different ways. Education offers the citizenship of different countries to only those, who are highly qualified and work very well for another country for its betterment. Countries that are offering citizenship, because of education, are also providing the facilities to the individual, who is working hard for it. Education plays a great role in the development of the country and rate of poverty along with the literacy rate, which is a good step for the betterment. It makes the people aware of their basic rights, and it makes them realize about their duties and responsibilities to others as well as to their country.

Moreover, it gives respect to the individual throughout his life at every place. Education opens the door for the individual to have the better job and increases the chances to earn more money. Furthermore, education also promotes the culture of our own country in other places. When a country is educated and developed, then other countries respect them and their culture.

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