Empower Network Product Review: Is “All In” a Bunch

So you’ve Jeeter farms you can just feel the excitement of everyone around you who’s talking about it… but what the heck is it?

First of all, the excitement stems from the fact that, unlike your average MLM, Empower Network products are designed to allow the little guy to learn to earn just as much as the developer of the program. But exactly what ARE these products they sell?

The following will give you a description and cost of each product (each sold independently of the other).

First, you need to know that there are seven levels – and they all involve the most up-to-date training available online today that is designed to teach you how to market online, as well as how to think like a marketer.

The First level of the Empower Network Products: The “Viral Blogging System”…

Whether or not you already know how to blog is not an issue, because the platform includes with it the “fast start training”.

This is eight “core commitment” training videos that teach you exactly how to blog and make money with Empower Network OR anything else you wish to promote on your blog. The cost is $25 a month, and each time you sell it, you’re generating a $25 monthly commission.

Why not just create your own blog with free or low cost hosting?

By comparison, let’s assume you, instead, decide to setup your own blog with WordPress. That could be cool if you can simply establish a blog and leave it to make money for you. But you can’t just do that… you need to create content on a regular basis, pay a monthly fee for hosting, and have a “techy” friend who is willing to help you if suddenly you have technical issues.

And, if you don’t pay much for hosting, you can be sure that your blog will crash as soon as you get to the point where you’re getting a lot of traffic.

And, that’s another issue- getting traffic. Because Google will rank your blog based on its age and authority. The “alexa” score is the grade that Google gives your blog that helps determine how it will be ranking in the search engines so people can see your content. The lower the score, the better the ranking potential.

So this means you can be doing everything right, but because you happen to have a new blog with a new domain name, it won’t be raking in the search engines and nobody will see your site.

It does not matter what you are promoting… The fact that the Empower Network blog has a low Alexa score makes gives this blog a better chance of ranking in the search engines.

The new EV2 launch with Empower Network as restructured this product to include nine training videos, teaching you everything you need to know from how to blog to how to market, to how to get traffic to your site, and how to a coach new members.

The new “blog from your phone” app will enable you to watch these videos on your lunch hour or wherever you happen to be during the day.

The second level of the Empower Network Products: The “Inner Circle Training”…

What is it? It’s your very own personal relationship with the industry’s top internet marketing gurus; all supplied on audio MP3 files.

This is really cool because don’t you just hate having to spend valuable time sitting in front of your computer trying to learn the best marketing techniques.

As a woman who started this thing holding down two jobs, I can really relate to anyone who is having a hard time fitting in training. The Inner Circle makes it completely doable for anyone. I like to listen when I’m working out, walking the dog, or on my way to work.

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