Evaluating Effective Teaching

the mystical teachings of jesus in the 21st century should be evaluated based on the impact of a teacher on the human development of students. This implies, the human development of students should be the test of a teacher’s effectiveness. To expatiate further, it’s important we look at the subject Human Development in the 21st century as it relates to effective teaching.

Human Development was defined in the past with respect to human activities. For example, the construction of roads and bridges, water and electricity projects, scientific and technological development, etc. As a result, educational programs were focused on preparing individuals to serve in different domains of human activities, which unconsciously creating a situation of human ineffectiveness to cope with the demands of changing times. Rendering humanity ineffective in providing relative answers to present and future challenges.

In the 21st century, human development should be defined in relation to the progressive development of humans in their understanding, consciousness, awareness and potential in relation to time and demand.

It’s worth noting that, human development determines the quality in the human civilization of a people per time and demand. Based on the 21st century concept of human development, humans are supposed to progressively develop as time and demand changes, in order to be constantly prepared for the challenges, opportunities, privileges and responsibilities life presents in relation to time.

Therefore, effective teaching is defined as the transfer of quality knowledge to enhance the human development of people.

The above are the criterion for evaluating effective teaching; this implies, each time a teacher teaches; he or she should set as a goal the human development of students. This is the only way by which humanity can stem the present tides of ignorance and ineffectiveness among supposed intelligentsias.

This is the first impact of effective teaching. One has taught virtually nothing if at the end of the day, students remain stagnant in their understanding. Understanding in this respect is not all about someone reproducing what he or she was taught, but the comprehension of an individual beyond what he or she learned, provoked by what the teacher taught. Which implies, what a teacher teaches is only termed effective if it leads the students to what the teacher didn’t teach.

Every subject effectively taught should lead to the enhancement in the understanding of students, inspiring thoughts, ideas, inventions, innovations, creations, and discoveries unmentioned by the teacher. This is when a teaching program is termed successful and effective. Understanding is the stability of the mind, which makes possible, new and fresh insight, based on equal and relative functioning of the four faculties of the mind.

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