There are several enjoygamesonline today at our disposal. Some of them are free and can be played online, while the others are not free and you can play them on your laptop, Xbox, PSP or any other gaming station or device that you may have. Games are also available in several different categories like puzzles, arcade games, adventure games, action games, sports games, brain training games, memory games, 3D games and much more. Now, all games are not beneficial for us, nor do they add to our development in any way. However there are some games that make us smarter.

Playing these games keeps our brain in top condition. A study conducted by the University of Michigan has proved that people who keep their brains engaged and challenge their brains regularly are able to improve their memory. Another study has proved that keeping your brain active reduces your chances of developing diseases like Dementia, Alzheimer’s etc., by 63%. In this article we have put together a list of great video games and online games that make you smarter.

Brain Age: Train your Brain in Minutes a Day

This game was created and popularized by Nintendo, the most famous video game company in the world. This game was especially created for its hand help gaming console, Nintendo DS. Brain age has a bundle of puzzles to challenge your brain ranging from Mathematical questions to Stroop tests to Sudoku puzzles.

• Stroop Tests: This simple game challenges your ability of focus. In this game, you have various names of colors in front of you on the screen and each word is written in a different color that does not correspond to its meaning. For example the color Black would be written using green color fonts. All that you need to do is challenge your brain to stay focused and read the color of the font in which the word is written and not the word. Try improving your scores with each attempt. Lets me warn you, it’s not as easy as it seems!

• Sudoku: This game revolves around solving the puzzle of numbers in a 9X9 grid. Some of the blocks have numbers on them and the others do not. What you need to do is to fill up the entire grid with corresponding numbers to get a unique solution.

Professor Layton and the Curious Village

This is another game for your Nintendo DS. A great way to start your day is by playing this game that sharpens your brain for the day with its puzzles. In this game you don the role of Professor Layton in a curious village with its own share of secrets. The game offers you a series of puzzles testing you mathematical skills, logical skills and several other skills. If you are able to crack the 120 puzzles and solve the case then you can log on to the internet and download a new puzzle every Sunday to keep you going.

Luminosity Brain games

A brain training program, Luminosity offers you scientifically developed and designed games that helps improve the function of the brain tremendously. Some of the games that Luminosity offers you are Monster Garden, Word Bubbles and Bird Watching. Apart from this there are several other games offered too.

• Monster Garden: You are in a garden with monsters and you must direct your farmer in the game safely around the monsters. This game is aimed to improve your memory power. As soon as you start the game the spots where monsters are present will be revealed to you. You must remember this quick image and then navigate your farmer around these monsters.

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