No Income Verification Mortgage Refinance

Are you looking for a mortgage, but you know it will be a hassle to prove your real income and this could be more trouble than it is really worth? Do you need a mortgage that will work with you regardless of your income? There are No Income 검증업체 Mortgage Refinance loans out there and they can be obtained rather easily. You will have to have pretty darn good credit, but there is not much else you will need. Here are the individuals that need these no doc programs.

First, the self employed who are always struggling to show their true income. It seems that sometimes bank statements work, taxes might work, or if you pay yourself a salary that is always nice, but it is always a hassle to really get the right number for your income and qualify for the best loan you can get. This is where the no income verification loan comes into play and allows you to say what you make and be honored for your word. They base this loan mainly on your credit and you will not have to prove income whatsoever.

Second, there are those that work for tips. Mainly these are bartenders and servers since they make the most money for tips, but this could also include escorts, hookers, and anybody else that might get a tip when they perform a service. These individuals usually rent because they do not claim nearly what they really make. These workers are ripe for the no doc programs and can benefit greatly by using them for a refinance loan.

Last, there are those that get paid cash under the table and independent contractors. This group can also include hustlers, drug dealer, and anybody else that makes money that they do not claim. When it is not claimed on your taxes you do not have documented proof of your income so the lender has to trust you for your word and they use the No Income Verification Mortgage Refinance loans to for this purpose. This loan will get you where you need to go without showing your illegal income that you are not paying taxes on.

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