Reasons Rats Have More Fun

Whether Seltene Meerschweinchenrassen when you see the long, thin, and nearly hairless pink tail of a pet rat, the truth is that they may be having a lot more fun in their short lives than humans do.

Here are six reasons why pet rats – and only blond ones – have more fun.

Rat Reason #1: Cheap but often elaborate housing

Buying a house isn’t cheap or easy for humans, but pet rats don’t have to worry about mortgage payments or school districts. Instead, they have their homes selected for them by their owners. While that may not sound so great, most rat cages are pretty nice set-ups. You can have multiple floors connected by tunnels and slides – no stairs to climb. Cozy bedrooms or more hygienic bathrooms can and often are added for the rat’s comfort. Plus, they usually have an on-site gym: large exercise wheels.

Rat Reason #2: No chores

Unlike humans who have to worry about cooking, shopping, doing the laundry, cleaning the house, and more – rats are completely carefree! All of their food, water, and snacks are provided for them, and they certainly don’t have to go far to get them. They never have to leave the house to shop but can go along for fun outings, such as Christmas pictures with Santa. Plus, they never have to clean anything, except themselves, which they do about six times a day.

Rat Reason #3: Skydiving without a parachute? Not a problem

Ok, maybe they can’t safely skydive without a parachute but it is believed rats can fall a good distance without being injured. Some say they can drop as far as 49 feet. If that’s true, then it’s no wonder they climb all over people and their cages without looking the least bit worried about plummeting to the floor. And remember a one-story building is only 30 feet high but you’d probably break some bones trying to jump from it while your pet rat would land and walk away to enjoy Rat Reason #4.

Rat Reason #4: Breeding Made Easy

You’ve probably heard the old saying “multiplying like rabbits” but few animals can do “math” quite like the rat. Female rats can start entertaining male companions as young as six weeks. Unfortunately for her, it only takes a few seconds for the entire mating experience to be finished. If she conceives, then she’ll deliver anywhere from 6 to 14 babies in just 23 days. And, guess what – the moment those babies are born she’s ready for action immediately. Technically, she can finish weaning one litter just as the next litter is being born.

In this case, it seems like the male rats may be the ones having the most fun.

Rat Reason #5: No Chinese Year of the Human

In Chinese astrology, each New Year is governed by one of 12 animals. Those animals include dragons, dogs, sheep, monkeys, and rats. And while some people think of rats as dirty, disease-carrying, or aggressive, that’s apparently not what the Chinese believe. After all, if you’re a human born during the year of the rat (1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, and 2008, for example) then you’re considered to be charming and appealing to the opposite sex – this probably has a lot to do with Rat Reason #4.

Rat Reason #6: No Trips to the Dentist

Besides public speaking, only a trip to the dentist’s office can make such a large number of humans cringe and quake in fear. But that’s one problem most rats don’t have to worry about. They do have some impressive teeth and, unlike humans, their teeth will keep growing indefinitely. But they don’t have to brush, floss, and rinse twice a day to keep their teeth healthy, they just need some fun things to chew on which will keep their teeth at a reasonable size. On top of that, their teeth are considerably stronger than ours – they can chew through food but also wood, brick, metal, concrete, lead pipes, and even bone! Any human would try chewing on those things would have to make an emergency dental visit and would probably have to answer some very embarrassing questions from the dentist.

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