Three Good Reasons to Not Publish Your Book Right Away

Once you get an idea for a acim, and after you’ve written the manuscript, you may automatically want to get it published. After all, becoming an author is your dream.

It sounds simple, but it doesn’t exactly work that way. While getting a book published is exciting, it would be more exciting to become a successful author, and that requires patience.

The fact that your book is ready to be published doesn’t mean that it is the right time to do so. There are many authors out there but only a few of them achieve bestseller status. You achieve this title when you sell more than the average number of books. Actually, you must outsell the other authors with books in the same category.

To accomplish this goal, you need to know the right time to publish your book to achieve maximum success. If any of the following apply, you’re not ready to publish your book just yet.

You Don’t Have a Plan to Promote Your Book

Every author would like to believe that all they have to do is write a book and publish it, and it’ll become a best seller whether they spend a lot of time promoting it or not. However, actually you must promote your book if you want to sell it. Therefore, you need a good, feasible plan to promote your book before you publish it.

Otherwise, you’re leaving things too much to chance, and there is a good possibility that your book won’t sell, at least not enough copies to make you a bestselling author. Look for new, creative ways to promote your book and reach your targeted audience before you publish it.

You Don’t Have a Strong Influence in the Market

Those who have a strong influence in the market will get the most sales. If you’re lacking in this area, build an author platform from which you can promote your book and build a strong presence before you publish it. An author platform helps you become more visible and connects you with an audience that has a real interest in the subject of your book.

This gives you a way to establish yourself as an expert in your field, which helps you gain influence and authority in your market and encourages your audience to purchase your book. People listen to the advice and recommendations that influential people offer. Your author platform gives you the visibility you need to establish yourself as having authority and influence in the eyes of your audience. As a result, potential readers will be more likely to buy your book and recommend it to others.

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