Books – Tools For Success

a course in miracles mp3 are not just for history, but for present and future also. Reading books make every doubt clear- about our past also about our present. These are not only for kids; these are also for aged and for our youth too. Books are not for covering a single aspect; their purpose of writing is to sort every difficult aspect.

Printed with beautiful words and colorful pictures are the books for kids but these same books making everyone smile, also a person of 60 years. Different dimensions, a mixture of reflections, more than one shadow- these are the important points of a book. Sometimes true, sometimes false, words inside it makes us laugh, sometimes cry, sometimes exciting, books are also like human- different faces with different stories, different climax.

Reading book is an inspiration, playing with words inside it gives you strength, discussing it with others increase knowledge. Without books this world would starve. In this technology updated internet word, count of book readers is declining day by day but I believe in the written word. I believe books will remain forever though technology crazes, audio phases but books are the most reliable friends, technology can ditch you, and book can’t even lie to you.

Reading leads to success and a book is not less than a tool for this success. Every time there are N number of questions in our mind and books are the best things to find out the answers to our questions. Big stories with sweet endings, not just for shopping but also for traveling, some are easy to know, some are censor, books are one but with different faces.

Reading is not the game of one day, keen learners and good readers are hard to find in this present generation. So, it’s very important to tell future generation about the significance of reading as well as books. We should make reading as a habit not as a work to do. Reading is not as costly as we think it is, yes it was, but only when there were no book clubs.

Now, there are book clubs everywhere like India Today Book Club which offers lots of books for variety of topics covering inside it. Book clubs like this not only makes sharing of books with its members but also plans for discussions between the members regarding books. India Today Book Club also offers various gift items and heavy discounts on purchasing of books to all of its club members. Joining such type of book clubs is totally worth as well as advantageous because it will not make pockets clean and you can easily afford books and can give a proper exercise to your mind by making reading as an enjoyable habit.

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