Combat Sports – Ancient Greek Pankration Fighting

Pankration Combat Sports started at the Greek Olympic Games in 648 B.C. This sport represents a mixture of เว็บมวยไทย and Wrestling. Pankration means “all powers” in Ancient Greek Language. It is also referred to as power or strength. The sport has quite a few variations and this term is used to describe these as well. What makes this sport so special is that is that many people considered this the very first full combat fighting system in human history.

Many people also believe that this was the first athletic event that came as close to hand to hand combat with no rules. These days modern MMA Competitions still use a lot of the methodologies that have originated from the Pankration Combat Sport that originated in Ancient Greece. Greek Mythology believes that Heracles and Theseus started Pankration and that it used both Wrestling as well as Boxing to be used against their opponents.

Yet another name for Pankration was Pammachion or Pammachon which meant total combat. Back around 1700 BC is when they feel this sport originated, so it is very old. This Combat Sport originated because people in this society during this time had a real need to either view or participate in a violent sport. This sport filled the need of being a “total contest” sport, whereas boxing or wrestling done separately didn’t quite fit the bill back then.

In fact, there is evidence that suggests that Pankration used in not only Sports but also in Combat was around since 2000 BC. In addition to combining both Boxing and Wrestling, this sport also included techniques such as blows to the lower extremeties, which make this sport of the ancients very similar to the modern day Mixed Martial Arts Competitions that you would see mostly on Pay Per View. Other tactics used in Pankration Competitions included Joint Locks, Takedowns and Chokes.

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