Solar Generators and the Power of the Sun

Solar Generator For House to us is the sun yet it is the least exploited as a potential for our use. While we my be depleting our resources on earth, we could be taking advantage of the sun which continues to shine day after day.

We can put solar energy to use for multiple tasks in the following areas.

1. Cooking with solar energy can be done with a solar cooker. It’s only fuel is the sun, no other fuel source is required. The larger the cooker the more food you can prepare. You would be able to boil, roast and bake with a solar cooker. The cooking times can be longer, but with this free source of energy it doesn’t cost you a thing.

2. You can generate electricity with solar energy. Run all of your electrical appliances with solar power and store the extra electricity in batteries for future use.

3. Use the energy of the sun to heat your house. Using passive solar heating methods you would allow the heat of the sun to warm the house in the winter thus minimizing the need for other heating sources.

You could build your own solar generator that will convert the solar energy into electrical energy. The suns energy is collected by the photovoltaic cells in a panel. The dependence on the electrical grid is reduced when you are producing your own power which can help save some of earths resources and you will have power when others don’t when the power grid is down.

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